the idea

We refashioned a product we all love, which has accompanied us since our very first adventures: the t-shirt.
We made the decision to work with Italian workshops, cooperatives, communities, with various people, retirees, artisans and friends.
We collaborate with artists and designers, mixing threads, sewing colors, joining ideas and sharing them by means of a shirt: it’s more than 
a t-shirt, it’s teeshare.
And finally, a small share of the proceeds from each shirt is donated to ADMO, the Italian bone marrow donor association.


Francesca Mitolo. "I worked for many years in consulting firms, mainly in women's denim and sportswear collections in Italy and in Spain.
I have firsthand experience of the migration of production processes from Italy to China, India, and Turkey in a race to lower production costs for the sole purpose of maximizing profit.
While working as a consultant in Spain, I had the opportunity of working extensively with a local brand. It was during that time that I started thinking about making something of my own, combining my personal and professional experiences, and shining a light to show others the increasingly distorted mechanisms of fast fashion. I self-financed the project and, in January 2013, I launched teeshare, combining art and sustainable fashion".
(Link to Linkedin profile and this nice interview)



teeshare is far from the idea of seriality. We looked for workshops that would pass our quality control with flying colors to make our collections, including the limited editions. It’s still possible to make in Italy. In fact, recognizing and promoting the value of artisanal productions is one of our main objectives.



There are countless printing techniques depending on the material being used. For drawings that are monochromatic or with few shades of color we prefer artisanal silk-screen printing, using extra soft water-soluble colors to make prints that are impalpable to the touch.
The more complex drawings with several shades and colors are rendered through digital prints, a process which ensures very accurate color control and high definition.



An ancient trade. An added value to our collections. It’s tough to find someone who embroiders by hand, but that is why our seamstresses has our total admiration. Rosa Beltramo is a real embroidery encyclopedia and Liso Pasqualina has the skills and experience with the details. With their artisanal craftsmanship we can make unique customizations so that every shirt is unlike any other.



The drawings painted by hand are made with water-soluble colors once the garment is finished. This technique allows us to add touches of color to our shirts and to give better definition to some of the details, especially for our permanent collection or to make customizations upon request.
Paola Ganci transforms what she has always called a hobby into minute works of art, hand-painted on the fabric. Manieranera artisanal workshop of hand painted fabrics. Our clothing have fallen into expert hands. Her work is precise and flawless.



Ink-stained hands and improbable paper patterns. The workshop is the place where we invent our shirt creations and collaborate with artisans, giving shape to new parallel projects. This is where we experiment with new printing techniques, anticipate forms and styles, it is the starting place for models that will flow into the first teeshare collection.
We want the external labels to be an object to collect and reuse. They are periodically renewed and made from different materials, and therefore come from different craftsmen and workshops. Our porcelain labels were made by Daniela Orlando, ceramic artist and restorer. She started by fixing broken things and went on to create new ones made of porcelain, because despite being just soil, porcelain is a material as precious as a jewel.


whom to thank

All photos were taken by: Silvia Pastore
E-shop photos: Erika Banchio
Concept and marketing: Paolo Arruzza
Translations: Olivia Jung and Susanna Bourlot
Video: Janka Creator e Max Chicco
Stylist: Mattia Fusaro
Web designer: Bread and Pixels + Raffaello Lamonaca
Leonardo Mitolo, Pasqualina Liso, Annalisa Milano, Bhetan Platt, Carmelo Mangione, Chiara Allione, Chiara Girivetto, Federico Botta, Federico Fadini, Julia Kent, Giulia Novajra, Yves Roch, Laura Sini, Luca Morellato, Marco Herrouz, Roberta Pessy, Sophie Sarr, Stefania Virone Vittor, Vito Pansini, Eleonora Gavino, Raffaella Brunel, Alessandra Mazzanti from the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Roma, Accordi Disaccordi, Julie Grahame, Paola Pasquino, Stefano Brizzi.
“I am someone who tries to translate utopias into projects. I don’t ask myself if it’s going to easy or not, but if it is necessary or not. And when something is necessary, it might take a lot of time and energy, but it will get done.”
Danilo Dolci