about us 

We refashioned a product we all love, which has accompanied us since our very first adventures: the t-shirt.
We made the decision to work with Italian workshops, cooperatives, communities, with various people, retirees, artisans and friends.
We collaborate with artists and designers, mixing threads, sewing colors, joining ideas and sharing them by means of a shirt: it’s more than
a t-shirt, it’s teeshare.

And finally, a small share of the proceeds from each shirt is donated to ADMO, the Italian bone marrow donor association.


We create original t-shirts, handcrafted in socio-ethical workshops, where artisans personalize each t-shirt one by one. Our limited edition collections are the product of brainstorming with international artists who share the philosophy behind teeshare. A new medium for them to create a new work of art. They are unique creations and they are available only in our t-shirt limited edition collections, with their high artistic and artisanal value.

The permanent collection for man and woman comprises our basic and exclusive models. We love oversized and versatile items, shirts that transform themselves and can be worn backwards. Light, long, wide, they twist and envelope. A constant research on shapes.